Course Description

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As demands on practitioners have raised and the complexity of patients’ cases has increased, on top of an already stressed healthcare system, the call for prioritizing mindfulness and focusing on compassion to support speech-language pathologists has become necessary. Mindfulness has been shown in the research to reduce symptoms of stress & burnout, improve practitioner satisfaction as well as enhance teamwork and patient safety, & goal outcomes. Focusing on practitioner compassion has many benefits for themselves and their patients across a wide variety of conditions. These approachable, simple and low cost strategies are an impactful way to improve patient care while increasing practitioners’ health & satisfaction.

Learning Objectives

Following this course participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the symptoms of burnout and their impacts on patient care.
  2. Describe the compassion crisis across the healthcare system and how it is increasing cost and dissatisfaction, as well as patients in harms way.
  3. Summarize the research and concepts of mindfulness.
  4. List simple strategies to bring mindfulness to their daily practice

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12/1/22, 4-5PM (EASTERN TIME)


  • Rachel  Hatteburg Walt

    M.S., CCC-SLP

    Rachel Hatteburg Walt

    Rachel Hatteberg MS, CCC-SLP received her Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees from the University of Kentucky. Rachel has practiced as a Speech Pathologist for 15 years primarily in acute care setting and has been performing FEES since 2008. She also served as course instructor for CSP’s FEES Training courses for almost 10 years. Rachel is also a Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master, and Meditation Teacher. She has always valued a whole-patient approach to care and now uses her additional trainings and experiences to help aid in outcomes. Rachel has the following financial relationship to disclose: she receives per diem pay from Carolina Speech Pathology and a stipend for this course from Carolina Speech Pathology. Rachel has no non-financial relationships to disclose.