Course Information

Course Description

In this two-hour webinar on matching treatment to impairment, participants will gain an understanding of how to consider behavioral rehabilitative treatment options based upon impairment(s) and other relevant factors. Participants will also benefit from understanding how to apply relevant assessment and treatment considerations for patient-centered dysphagia care to enhance their clinical practice as an evidence-based practitioner.

Learning Objectives

  • List critical components of a standardized evaluation to optimize treatment planning
  • Explain relevant principles of motor learning when developing a dysphagia treatment plan
  • Identify evidence-based interventions that target specific swallowing impairment

Time Ordered Agenda

  • 12:00-12:10:Introduction, Disclosures, Learner Objectives and Agenda
  • 12:10-12:25: Targeted Treatment Begins Way Before Your First Treatment Session: A&P and Assessment Considerations
  • 12:25-12:45: Treatment Planning Considerations in EBP: Quick Review of Motor Learning, RTSS and SDM
  • 12:45-1:30: Mapping Treatment to Specific Impairments
  • 1:30-1:40: Case Example
  • 1:40-1:50: Summary and Conclusions
  • 1:50-2:00: Questions
  • 2:00: Adjourn

Joining the Webinar

You will find information on how to join and complete this live webinar and webinar recording  in the course portal located on our Thinkific dashboard once you complete the course registration. One the day of the webinar please log in approximately 10 minutes before the start time to ensure you do not have any technical challenges.

Webinar Notice

The content to this webinar will not be available after May 1, 2024.

Successful participation in this course includes completion of the post-test with a score of 80% or higher, then participants will automatically receive a course completion certificate.  

This course is offered for 2.0 Professional Development Hours. We can report your participation to ASHA if you choose for 0.2 ASHA CEUs, just be sure to include your ASHA number when you register. If you do not want your participation reported to ASHA, you have the option to decline on the course registration page. 

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for this course, as it is offered both live and as a recording for a limited time.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 877-390-1887.


  • Dr. Kendrea Garand


    Dr. Kendrea Garand

    Dr. Garand is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Science and Disorders at the University of Pittsburgh. She earned her Doctor of Clinical Science (CScD) in Medical Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Pittsburgh and her PhD in Health and Rehabilitation Science from the Medical University of South Carolina. She has been a practicing speech-language pathologist for almost 15 years and currently serves as a part of the clinical team for the MDA-ALS Center. She is the Principal Investigator of the Swallowing Disorders Initiative Research Laboratory, conducting research on healthy aging, neurodegenerative and sleep disorders. Further, she is Chairperson of the American Board of Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders, as well as the Editor-in-Chief of Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups. You may find some of her scholarly contributions related to dysphagia in Dysphagia, American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, and Age & Aging. Disclosures: Dr. Garand receives financial compensation for completion of this presentation. Dr. Garand has no non-financial relationships to disclose