Ethics Primer for the SLP


This one-hour recorded webinar familiarizes the SLP with the foundation of medical ethics and ASHA’s code of ethics which guides our clinical practice. This course provides history of ethics, review of medical ethics, review of the law as it relates to ethics, and provides strategies for navigating potential ethical situations.
Ethics Primer for the SLP

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Reporting to ASHA:

This course is offered for 0.10 ASHA CEUs (1 hour), (Intermediate Level; Professional Area)

If you wish to have your participation in this course reported to ASHA, you must include your ASHA number when registering for the course. If you do not wish to have your participation submitted to ASHA, type “NO” in the field requesting your ASHA number. Once the course post-test has been completed your material will be ready for us to submit. We submit participation to  the ASHA CE Registry within 45 days of the last date of the quarterly offering.


Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize the history of ethics, ASHAs code of ethics and medical ethics.
  • Describe the law as it relates to ethics.
  • List strategies for navigating potential ethical situations.


00:00 - 03:00:  Introduction, Principals of Ethics, Description of Ethics

03:00 - 08:45:  Why is Ethics Important, Heinz Dilemma, Trolleyology

08:45 - 16:45:  Values vs Ethics, Bioethics, Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-maleficence, Justice

16:45 - 26:00:  Law and Its Relationship with Ethics, Informed Consent, Waiver, Legal Terms

26:00 - 42:00:  ASHA Code of Ethics, Ethical Decision Making Model, Reporting and Avoiding Ethical Violations

42:00 - 53:00:  Ethical Scenarios

53:00 - 60:00:  Summary, References, Post-test

Instructor Disclosure:

Vanessa Peregrim has the following financial relationship: she is a paid employee of Carolina Speech Pathology. No payment was received for creation of this webinar. Ms. Peregrim has no non-financial relationships to disclose.


  • Vanessa Peregrim

    Vanessa Peregrim, M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-S

    Vanessa Peregrim

    Vanessa Peregrim received her Masters degree from Loyola University in 2006 and her BCS-S in 2018. She is one of our Clinical Lead SLPs and also carries an active caseload. She provides mobile FEES to the Maryland/DC/VA territory for CSP. Prior to joining CSP in 2016, Vanessa worked at University of Maryland Medical center in the acute care and outpatient setting with adults and pediatrics. She has presented posters and lectures at ASHA and Maryland State Association Conferences and taught Ethics at the graduate level. She currently teaches Advanced Dysphagia graduate courses at Loyola University of MD.. She has been deemed competent for supervision and training in FEES by a board certified Otolaryngologist.